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Which trainers does Zwift support?

Trying to figure out what you need to ride?

Other than a computer or iOS device that meets or exceeds our minimum requirements, you'll also need a trainer/sensors for your bike to ride in Zwift. There are three trainer/device combinations that allow you to do this:

  1. A supported Smart Trainer.
  2. An ANT+/Bluetooth power meter and any trainer/rollers.
  3. A zPower supported classic trainer and an ANT+/Bluetooth speed sensor.

You can also see a chart of supported trainers/devices that are/will be supported on Zwift on the Supported Trainers section of our website. 

Below is a comprehensive list of trainers and devices that are Zwift compatible. We'll continue to add trainers and device combinations to this list as we expand support.

Note that ANT+ devices/sensors require an ANT+ USB 2 dongle in order to communicate with your computer. Bluetooth devices do not require a dongle, but use the Mobile Link smartphone app or native Bluetooth capability (Mac only). See our Bluetooth article.

Refer to your hardware manufacturer for more information.

Current as of 1/1/17:

Smart Trainers

If your trainer broadcasts power and offers resistance control, we consider it a smart trainer. This category includes most smart indoor trainers, powered rollers, and some indoor bikes.

The following smart trainers change resistance in Zwift:

  • Wahoo KICKR
  • Wahoo KICKR SNAP
  • Racermate Computrainer
  • CycleOps Hammer Direct Drive Trainer
  • CycleOps Magnus
  • CycleOps Powerbeam Pro (ANT+ and BLE)
  • CycleOps PowerSync (ANT+ and BLE)
  • Tacx Bushido Smart T2780 (needs ANT+ FE-C update)
  • Tacx Flow Smart T2240
  • Tacx Flux T2900
  • Tacx Genius Smart T2080
  • Tacx i-Genius Multiplayer Smart T2010
  • Tacx IRONMAN® Smart T2060
  • Tacx Neo Smart T2800
  • Tacx Vortex Smart T2180 (needs ANT+ FE-C update)
  • Tacx Vortex Smart T2180 TDF-Edition
  • Bkool Classic (needs ANT+ FE-C update)
  • Bkool Smart Pro (needs ANT+ FE-C update)*
  • Elite Real wired trainers (most models after ~2006)
  • Elite Drivo
  • Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+
  • Elite Rampa
  • Elite RealAxiom B+
  • Elite RealTour B+ - see known issues
  • Elite Real Turbo Muin B+
  • Elite Real E-motion Smart B+ rollers
  • Elite Arion Digital Smart B+ rollers 
  • Kinetic Rock and Roll | Smart Control
  • Kinetic Road Machine | Smart Control
  • Kinetic Smart Control Power Unit

*Bkool Trainers with firmware 3.02 cannot upgrade to ANT+ FE-C. Additionally, Bkool uses a proprietary Bluetooth protocol and will not work with Zwift over BLE at this time.

Zwift also works with most* wireless ANT versions of the following:

  • Elite Real Turbo Muin
  • Elite RealAxiom
  • Elite RealPower
  • Elite RealTour
  • Elite Real E-motion smart rollers

*If you have a trainer manufactured before 2014, see our Elite Real Trainer article compatibility note.

The following trainers transmit power to Zwift, but don't change resistance:

  • Kinetic Road Machine | Smart T-2700
  • Kinetic Rock And Roll | Smart T-2800
  • Elite Turbo Muin Smart B+ (with the Misuro B+sensor)
  • Elite Qubo Power Smart B+
  • Elite Volano
  • Elite Turbo Roteo Smart B+
  • Elite Kura
  • Tacx Satori Smart T2400 (ANT+)
  • The Lemond Revolution with Wattbox  

These indoor bikes broadcast power in Zwift, but don't change resistance:

  • Wattbike
  • CycleOps Phantom 3
  • CycleOps Phantom 5
  • BODY BIKE Indoor Cycle
  • Schwinn AC with MPower Echelon2 (or MPower Echelon Gray unit)
  • Stages SC3 Indoor Bike
  • RealRyder ABF8 with WattPRO1 Power Meter


Power Meters

Zwift is compatible with all power meters, including: 

  • 4iiii Precision
  • Garmin Vector (ANT+ only)
  • Pioneer
  • power2max
  • Quarq
  • Rotor
  • Saris PowerTap
  • Saris Powertap C1 Chainrings
  • Saris Powertap P1 Pedals
  • SRM
  • Stages
  • Verve InfoCrank
  • bePRO 

Zwift calculates your speed based on watts, so as long as you have one of these on your bike, you can put your bike on any trainer or rollers and ride in Zwift!


zPower Compatible Trainer and ANT+ Speed Sensor

"zPower" is Zwift's virtual power curve with acceleration that estimates speed based on watts. This allows for select classic trainers to be used in Zwift when paired with an ANT+ speed and cadence sensor.

The following classic trainer models are compatible with Zwift's zPower:

  • Kinetic Rock and Roll
  • Kinetic Road Machine
  • CycleOps Fluid²
  • JetBlack Z1 Fluidpro


The following classic trainer models are compatible with Zwift's Virtual Power curve: 

  • 1up USA CPR A-2000 (black flywheel)
  • Ascent Comp Fluid
  • Blackburn Mag-1
  • Blackburn Mag-3
  • Blackburn Mag-6
  • Blackburn Tech Mag Race
  • Blackburn Tech Fluid
  • Blackburn Trakstand Ultra
  • CycleOps Super Magneto
  • CycleOps Super Magneto Pro
  • CycleOps JetFluid Pro
  • CycleOps Mag 
  • CycleOps Magneto 
  • TravelTrac Comp Fluid
  • TravelTrac Comp Mag+ 
  • Elite Crono Fluid ¹
  • Elite Crono Force ¹
  • Elite Crono Hydromag 5 levels ¹
  • Elite Fluid Alu ¹
  • Elite Nashbar Fluid ¹
  • Elite Nashbar Fluid Pro ¹
  • Elite Novo Force ¹
  • Elite Novo Mag Speed Alu ¹
  • Elite Novo Power Mag ¹
  • Elite Power Fluid ¹
  • Elite Power Fluid Ritmo ¹
  • Elite Qubo E-Digital Wired ¹
  • Elite Qubo Fluid ¹
  • Elite Qubo Fluid + ¹
  • Elite Qubo Hydromag 5 levels ¹
  • Elite Qubo Hydromag 8 ¹
  • Elite Qubo Hydromag Digital 5 levels ¹
  • Elite Qubo Hydromag Digital 8 ¹
  • Elite Qubo Power Fluid ¹
  • Elite Qubo Power Mag ¹
  • Elite Qubo Power Mag Smart ¹
  • Elite Supercrono Digital 5 ¹
  • Elite Supercrono Digital 8 ¹
  • Elite Supercrono E-Force ¹
  • Elite Supercrono Hydromag 5 levels ¹
  • Elite Supercrono Hydromag Digitial 5 levels ¹
  • Elite Supercrono Mag Alu ¹
  • Elite Supercrono Mag Gel ¹
  • Elite Supercrono Power Fluid ¹
  • Elite Supercrono Power Mag ¹
  • Elite Turbo Muin ¹
  • Elite Volare Mag Force ¹
  • Elite Volare Mag Speed Alu ¹
  • Elite Volare Mag Speed Gel ¹
  • Giant CycloTron Fluid
  • Giant CycloTron Fluid Comp
  • Giant CycloTron Mag
  • Giant CycloTron Auto
  • Growtac GT-Roller Flex 3
  • Lemond Revolution
  • Nashbar Fluid ¹
  • Nashbar Fluid Pro ¹
  • Tacx Blue Motion 
  • Tacx Blue Matic 
  • Tacx Blue Twist
  • Tacx Booster
  • Minoura B60D
  • Minoura B60R
  • Minoura FG540
  • Minoura LR340
  • Minoura LR760
  • Minoura LR960
  • Minoura Magteqs Twin
  • Minoura RDA80-D
  • Minoura RDA80-R
  • Minoura RDA2429-D
  • Minoura RDA2429-R
  • Minoura V270
  • Revbox ERG MK6

¹Use our guide to match up your Elite trainer.


Unsupported Trainers and Devices

While we try to support as many trainers as possible, there are some systems which use proprietary ANT+ channels, preventing us from reading their signal.

There are also various trainers and devices that do not broadcast an ANT+ signal at all, making it impossible to read from them.

The following is a list of trainers that DO NOT work without a power meter:

  • Tacx: Non-ANT+ smart trainers, including the Bushido.
  • Tour de France Bike - Doesn't transmit wattage.
  • Pre-2015 CycleOps Indoor Cycles - Closed system.
  • CycleOps The Silencer Direct Drive Trainer - Requires a power meter.
  • JetBlack WHISPERDRIVE - Requires a power meter.
  • Elite Qubo Digital: Transmits on ANT, not ANT+ 
  • Keiser M3i: Only transits on BLE, and isn't compatible with Zwift BLE yet.
  • Kettler stationary bikes: Not compatible yet.
  • Lifecycle stationary bikes: Doesn't transmit wattage
  • Kinetic Pro Flywheel: This alters the zPower curve for the Kinetic trainers, and isn't compatible.

 We have both a 'Not Listed' trainer and 'Unlisted Rollers' option in game as well under the Speed Sensor category. This allows you to use your current trainer/rollers in Zwift so you can check it out. However, you will be limited to a lower wattage as this power curve isn't accurate.

We'll be adding full support for additional trainers as we continue development, so don't worry too much if you have a setup that isn't listed right now. There's also a lot you can do even if you don't have the right equipment

If you have any other questions, open a support ticket with us, and we'll get back to you!

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