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Zwift can't find my USB ANT+ dongle.

If you see a message "No ANT+ dongle found" when you start Zwift, it's probably due to one of these reasons: 

  • Your ANT+ dongle is USB 1, not USB 2
  • You have Garmin or Suunto Movescount software running at the same time as Zwift
  • You have another cycling program (like TrainerRoad) running at the same time as Zwift
  • There's an issue with your ANT+ drivers
  • Your ANT+ dongle (or USB extension, if applicable) is faulty

We'll go through each of these individually below.

Your ANT+ dongle is USB 1
If you have an older, unsupported USB 1 ANT+ dongle, it won't show up in Zwift. Check the product information on the back of the stick: if it's USB 1, it will have USB 1 printed on the case.

If the dongle is USB1 but your sensor/trainer also connects over BLE, you can try that instead. Otherwise, the fastest way to get online is to purchase a newer USB 2 dongle

Software Conflicts
Garmin and Suunto programs, including Garmin Express, Suunto Movescount, and Garmin ANT Agent, can hijack the USB port so Zwift won't find the USB dongle. We recommend closing or disabling these programs while running Zwift to ensure a smooth experience.

Other Cycling Program Conflicts
If you try running other software programs, like TrainerRoad, at the same time as Zwift, it's possible they will conflict with Zwift over control of the ANT+ dongle. Make sure these are completely closed.

ANT+ Driver issues
Updating your ANT+ drivers is generally not necessary unless you have an older machine, so if your ANT+ dongle was working before but has stopped, try unplugging it then plugging it back in to reset the ANT+ driver, and then restarting Zwift. You may also want to try plugging it into a different USB port.

If that doesn't work, it's also possible the driver was corrupted or changed by your OS or another software program, and it's worth reinstalling Zwift to see if a clean version of the driver solves the problem. If you're feeling more tech savvy, you can also just reinstall the ANT+ driver.

ANT+ dongle/USB extension is dead
While this is definitely the least desired outcome, we see it happen more frequently than you'd think.

  • If you use a USB extension cable, try plugging the ANT+ dongle directly into your computer to eliminate the cord as being faulty.
  • If that doesn't apply or doesn't make a difference, and your sensor/trainer also supports Bluetooth (BLE), you can try connecting over that protocol to see if it works and confirm the issue.
  • If your sensor/trainer doesn't support BLE, see if you can borrow an ANT+ dongle from a friend before you go out and buy a new one. 

Mac Only - Case Sensitive File System Incompatibility

There's currently a known issue where some ANT+ dongles won't work with Mac computers that have a case-sensitive file system. As this is a rare case and fixing it would require significant time on our part as a small studio, we don't have a timeline on when it will be resolved. 

Still having problems? Open a support ticket with us, and we'll help you troubleshoot further!

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