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What's new on Zwift Island! 11/12

Hey Zwifters! It's been great watching you get engaged and read all your awesome feedback. It's been really fun catching a few rides with some of you and taking part in a little friendly competition. Man some of you guys are fast!

Some new things you'll notice when you next log in:

  • revised menu flow so you'll be able to check who's in the environment without sitting idle
  • improved drafting feel
  • support for separate speed and cadence sensors
  • new display for VRPM (virtual RPM) 
  • a host of performance improvements

...and a couple other surprises.

We're still busy working on features that will allow you to find and follow others. In the meantime, be sure to follow the thread in the Zwift Support Community to help us organize group rides.

As always, a big thanks for all your feedback!

You guys rock!

Team Zwift

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