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Resolved: Some users log in to empty worlds


Overnight, we released a fix to the Realtime Race Placement which corrects a race condition where some riders stopped receiving updates from the server suddenly. Or in non-tech speak, the issue causing you to appear alone in the world should be fixed and no longer an issue unless there are other factors affecting your connections to our servers.

If you're still having problems after logging in, please let us know, and we'll investigate with you further.


There's been reports from users who log in to empty worlds: no other riders are visible in-game or on the rider list. What we've been able to determine so far:

  • This is affecting accounts that used to work properly.
  • Other accounts on the same device work correctly.
  • The affected account logged in from a different location/device still doesn't work.

We're investigating this now, and it appears to be server related. We'll update this post as more information becomes available.


If you've tried the workarounds above with no success (tried a different device or a different Internet connection), the only other viable workaround is to use a different account. We don't normally recommend this, but creating a temporary account under a different email address may allow you to ride. If this is affecting you, please create an email ticket so we can help you ride until this issue is resolved.

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