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Training Peaks Workouts

If you create a workout in TrainingPeaks on your calendar, your workout will now appear on Zwift!




A few things to keep in mind:

  • Currently, only bike workouts that are based on Duration and your FTP will work:




Your TrainingPeaks workout must be created for the same day that you will ride on Zwift.

Example: If you are riding on Zwift on November 1st, then you will need to make sure the TrainingPeaks workout is on your calendar on November 1st. If you have a workout created in the past or the future, these workouts will not show up when you log in to Zwift.

Current Known Issues:

  • iOS: TrainingPeaks workouts will not show up on the first attempt of logging in
    • Workaround: log in twice in the same session
  • iOS: TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts folder shows on bottom of screen
    • Make sure to scroll through entire workouts list
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