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Joining an Event Triggers Flier Warning


We're currently investigating an issue where some riders are erroneously being flagged once an event (race/group ride) starts with the "Uh-oh" warning message. This issue occurs when a rider has been doing a ride on the course prior to the event and chooses to be teleported to the holding pen by selecting the "Join Event" button, causing the flier detection system to think that they passed checkpoints faster than they did.



While we continue working on this, there are a few workarounds you can take to help avoid triggering the flier alert.

  1. End your ride before an event by Saving and Exiting, then logging back in and joining the event, instead of choosing the "Join Event" button option that teleports you.
  2. Join the event as far in advance as possible. You can still warm up in the holding area on the virtual trainers if you do so.

If you're not sure this is why the flier alert was triggered, it's also possible that it was due to a setup issue. If you're unsure, you can submit a ticket, and we can help verify.


We appreciate your patience while we continue developing Zwift.

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