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Zwift Closes on Launch (iOS)


We're currently working to fix an issue where Zwift for iOS will appear to close or crash on launch. This is only an issue when used on an older iOS device; reported devices include:

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6
  • iPad Mini 2
  • iPad Air
  • iPhone 7+
  • iPad Air 2

This issue is occurring due to Zwift being a memory intensive game and the older Apple hardware struggling to load it. If an app doesn't respond immediately, iOS will close it, which appears as a crash. 


While there's not a solid workaround for this issue, there are a few tips that may let you continue Zwifting.

  1. Use a different device. As there is no 100% successful workaround, a different device is your best bet. See all the platforms Zwift supports.
  2. Force close all other apps on your iPhone. Read how on Apple's support site. These other apps can be taking up additional memory.
  3. Try, and try again. Since this is just a problem of the game taking too long to launch, repeatedly trying to launch the game can solve the problem.
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