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Resolved: Android ZML paired Bluetooth sensors don't send data


This issue has been fixed. If you're having issues with pairing over Zwift Mobile Link, you're probably experiencing a different issue.



We're currently investigating an issue where Bluetooth sensors don't work for some users when pairing over BLE through the Android version of the Zwift Mobile Link (ZML) app: you will be able to pair the ZML app with the game, but pairing your sensors over BLE will cause them to display a "No Data" message. If your only way to connect your sensors is through ZML Android Bluetooth, this may block you from riding.

So far, we've confirmed that this is affecting both Wahoo and CycleOps smart trainers.



If your sensors aren't sending data, your best bet is to use a different method/protocol to pair you sensors:

  1. Use ANT+
  2. Use an iOS device with the Mobile Link
  3. Use a OSX (Mac) computer with native Bluetooth capabilities
  4. Use a different Android device with the Mobile Link app (this issue doesn't seem to affect all Android devices)

If those workarounds aren't an option for you - or you want live updates - submit a support ticket, and we'll add your case to our bug report.



If your sensors are sending data, but the dashboard isn't showing up, you may be able to solve this simply by force closing and restarting the ZML app.

If you're unable to pair your sensors over Android at all, that's a different issue.


Thanks for your patience and understanding as we continue working on this issue.

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