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[Beta] Apple Watch Issues

Apple Watch support as a heart rate monitor is currently in beta, so there's still a few bugs to work out. Here's the issues we're aware of (and working to fix):

(iOS) Moving Zwift Game to the background disconnects Apple Watch

If you switch out of the Zwift game and go to another app, your Apple Watch will be disconnected when you return to game, and you won't be able to pair it again.

The best way to avoid this is the obvious "just don't do it" workaround; however, if you do run into this issue and want to pair your Watch again, you can do so by ending your ride, force closing Zwift, and starting a new Zwift session.

[FIXED] Receiving Watch notifications breaks pairing

If you receive a notification on your Apple Watch, your Watch may disconnect as a result.

The best workaround for this is to turn off phone notifications by turning on Do Not Disturb mode while riding with your Apple Watch.


Other Issues

  • Apple Watch does not display Heart Rate until user drops into ride
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