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How to Add a Goal

Zwift now has an easy way to stay on track towards your progress goals. Just click "Add a Goal" in the lower-right corner of the Drop In screen, below the calendar:



Clicking the button will bring up the New Goal options. You can choose to set either a Weekly or Monthly goal, measured in either distance or hours. Click "Add" once you're done.



Once you've added your goal, it will show up below the course schedule calendar. If you created a goal by mistake or want to remove it, just click the "X" on the right-side of the goal.



That's it! Your progress will be tracked via the goal, and it will tell you when you've finished. You can monitor your progress via the Drop In screen and the Ride Report screen.


  • It's currently not possible to edit a goal.
  • It's currently not possible to back out of the goal creation screen. If you accidentally choose to add a goal, however, you can simply remove it by clicking the "x" as mentioned above. 


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