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Your Ride Report

The Ride Report gives you a breakdown of your stats and highlights from the ride before you save..

3/31 Known Bug Report: You will only see the Ride Report if you end your session by tapping the End Ride button on the Menu screen. Pressing ESC (PC/Mac) to bring up the end ride prompt or ending your ride through Zwift Companion app will not display the Ride Report before ending your session. 



The "General" tab has basic stats of your ride, including a map of the route you took, notable things that happened, who you rode with, who gave you a 'Ride On,' and allows you to follow riders directly.



The "Timeline" tab has second-by-second ride data for power, cadence, and heart rate. On this tab and the "Critical Power" tab, you'll also see your TrainingPeaks TSS score (more information on their website). 



The "Critical Power" tab shows your critical power curve.


Critical power is the maximum sustainable power output you can maintain for a particular period of time. Because you can output more watts in a short period versus an extended period, the value for critical power is shown as a curve.

Note that this is different from FTP, which remains constant with duration. Critical power changes with duration; but as duration increases, the two values tend to converge. At 60 minutes, critical power can be considered a very close estimate of your FTP.


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