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Changing Your Privacy Settings

Setting your height/weight is key to accurate speed readings, but we understand privacy is important to you, so we provide the option to hide your profile information through the Zwift Companion app.


  Screenshot_20170303-125428.png     Screenshot_20170303-125435.png     Privacy.png


Private mode limits who can access your data (followers only) and gives you the choice to approve all future follow requests. Data it hides includes:

  • Your age
  • Your height
  • Your stats/ride history
  • Who you're following and your number of followers

It does not affect current followers (they'll still see this data), and does not limit further actions by followers (favoriting or ride notifications). It also does not limit public actions (Ride On's or group chat).

Note that hiding group chat is an option in the Settings menu.

You also have the option to enable Private Messaging only for users you follow.

We'll be working on adding both more granular privacy options and the option to change these through your web dashboard, so stay tuned.

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