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Why does Zwift drain my iOS battery so fast?

Zwift's graphics use a lot of power, and you may see your battery drain more quickly than you expect. There's a number of ways to reduce the power consumption, though:

  1. If you are using it while plugged in, use a nice cable.  The official Apple cables work every time, while many of the knock-offs we test at Zwift HQ barely charge our devices.
  2. Use an iPad charger, not an iPhone charger.  iPad chargers are larger and put out more power.
  3. Turn screen brightness down a tad.
  4. Turn on the battery saving setting (in-game Menu > Settings > Battery Saving)

Following these guidelines will reduce your power consumption, and many devices will stay at 100% charge the entire time you Zwift if plugged in with the tips above.

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