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There is no picture on my Strava Activity.

Unfortunately, Zwift is no longer able to automatically upload photos with your activity. However, Strava's app for Android and iOS provide this functionality, should you want to share an image of your recent achievement with the world.

To attach an image to your Zwift ride in Strava, you will need to have the Strava app on your smart device. This cannot currently be done through a desktop browser.

 Just log in and find the ride activity you'd like to add your image to. 

Android iOS

On Android, tap the Settings Button, then Edit


For iOS, tap Edit.

Then tap the Add Photo Symbol 

Select your photo(s) and press Done. 

Once your photos are added, be sure to Save the activity. And you're done! 

Don't forget that you can also save snapshots to your
smart device during your ride by using the Zwift Mobile App!

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