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How to Select a Challenge

There's currently three challenges in Zwift, each one intended as a long-term goal with its own rewards:

  • Climb Mt. Everest: Climb 8,850m (29,028 ft)
  • Ride California: Ride 1283 km (797 mi)
  • Tour Italy: Ride 2000 km (1242 mi)

When you first launch Zwift, you'll be prompted to select one of these three challenges, and any miles you do in game from that point on will be counted towards the challenge you have actively selected. As progress only counts for the challenge you have selected, make sure you pick the right one.

For example, any climbing progress done while the Ride California challenge is selected will not be counted towards the Climb Mt. Everest challenge, just like any mileage on the Everest challenge won't count towards California or Italy. You can only select one challenge at a time.

Some of these challenges unlock additional challenges on completion, with additional rewards (which we'll let you discover on your own...).

If you want to change your challenge, just follow these steps:

1. Once you're in game, open your Menu in the lower-left corner of your screen. You'll see the Challenges window on the right-middle section. Click it.



2. This will pull up the challenge you've currently selected. You can check your progress here, or choose a different challenge by clicking the "Select another challenge" link in the bottom left.



3. From here, you can select any one of the three challenges.



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