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I can't pair my Bluetooth devices

If you're looking for instructions on how to pair via Bluetooth, see this article instead. This article is for users who have gone through those steps, but are still having trouble pairing. 

There's a few different reasons you won't be able to pair your Bluetooth sensors in Zwift, and they're all fairly easy to eliminate.

We'll start with the simple ones:

  1. Your mobile device's Bluetooth setting isn't turned on (Mobile Link users only).
  2. Your Bluetooth sensor isn't turned on. 
  3. Your Bluetooth sensor has a low battery.

Be sure to go through the above steps first before moving on, as the next ones are far less common:

  1. (Mobile Link only) Your mobile device with the Zwift Mobile Link app isn't paired with the game. See our article on troubleshooting ZML pairing.
  2. Your Bluetooth sensor is paired with a different device or directly to the mobile device/computer. In order for Zwift to pair with your device, it needs to be unpaired. Don't pair to other devices or directly to your mobile device/computer itself. 
  3. You have too many Bluetooth sensors paired already. We've seen a few situations where a mobile device/computer will have too many Bluetooth devices paired to it already, so when Zwift tries to add another, it won't pair. If you have any Bluetooth headphones, speakers, hearing aids, or any other devices paired, try turning them off.

If you're still struggling to figure out why your sensors won't pair, A simple way to narrow down the issue is to make sure your mobile device/computer can see your Bluetooth sensors. Turn on your device's Bluetooth setting and search for Bluetooth devices. You should be able to see your sensors. If you can't, there's an issue with the sensor, or it's paired with something else.

If you're still unable to pair your devices, let us know at, and we'll do our best to help.

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